About us

Created early 2014,Atmomatix Records is a Drum’n’Bass label and is concentrating themselves on the deeper and soulful side of the music genre.

During the past 3 years we’ve released over 60 EP’s,LP’s & Singles digitally with artists from all over the globe.We’ve attracted known producers and fresh blood on the label.

Skeletone,HumaNature,Silence Groove,Soul Connection,Fishy,Euphorics & Imprint are just a few to name.

Since this year we’re also kicking off the physical side of the label and for our first 12″ we’ve no one else then HumaNature – “Eleventh Hour” + Zero T with a beastly remix.And this is just the start as we got plenty lined up for the next coming months!

In the near future we’re also gonna host our first labelnight to push and promote the sound of the label + to support our artists.

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