New Atmomatix Logo Design Contest


As some of you might know Atmomatix Records is turning 4 years old next month and as there has been some big changes behind the scenes! To mention a few, we will kick off of the vinyl side with Zero Tand SATL, we’re working on our first event, restarting our sister label Inaba Audio. Last but not least, we want to star the new year off with a new Logo for Atmomatix Records.

After being in touch with a various designers through facebook and e-mail, we have decided that there is too much talent to choose from. In order to give everyone an opportunity to be a part of this, we have decided to create a Competition for the Logo Design.

We are looking for a Slick, Clean, Minimalistic logo that represents our label. Something original and attractive enough that you would buy if it was printed on merchandise just because of how good the Logo looks.

What do we offer the winner?
The winner will recieve a Cash Prize (100 €) + T-Shirt & Sticksers with their design,Full Back Catalogue to Atmomatix Records + Possibility to work on custom artwork for our upcoming vinyls.

In addition to the prizes, the chosen winner also has the possibility be hired by one of our label friends to design 2 costum logo’s.

Deadline : Wednesday 31th Of January 2018

Good luck everyone and looking forward to all the entries!

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