AT18001 – HumaNature – Eleventh Hour (29/01/18) (preview)

Past 2 months a lot has changed behind the scene’s of our little label.The biggest change was our distribution switch to Triple Vision Distribution.We’re are very happy and excited with this partnership and looking forward to the future!As they will also handling our press and distribution from our vinyl some changes have been made to the original idea for the first release aswell.We want to offer you a strong and solid product so our first vinyl will contain the Zero T remix from HumaNature‘s track “Eleventh Hour” and the B-side will be the SATL remix from another track by HumaNature combined with label boss Critical Event.Testpresses are on their way!Prior to this vinyl release we will be doing 2 digital EP’s.The first one will contain the original Eleventh Hour track by HumaNature + another freshly finished one from the man himself!Other tracks on the first digital EP are the debut of Ash:Ram and a Radical remix from an tune by Wreckless & Critical Event,which saw daylight last year on the first Critical Event & friends EP.Here’s the first uploaded clip then from the first digital EP!the others will follow later on the month.Release date is set on 29th Of January

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