ATMAT057 – Various Artists – Empty Heart EP (17/04/2017)

ATMAT057 – Various Artists – Empty Heart EP

1/ AudioSketch – Illusions
2/Revolutionist – Empty Heart
3/ Aardonyx – Hologram
4/ Critical Event – Holding On To U

With the next release Atmomatix managed to find some new blood.

First track is from AudioSketch who had previous releases on some amazing labels as Med School,Soul Trader & Celsius Recordings.’Illusions’ features some funky sounds,lovely female vocals and simple yet effecting drums this track reminds us a bit to the golden age of Studio 54 if it had been a D’n’B era.

Second one coming in is Revolutionist with the track ‘Empty Heart’ with a deep darker liquid vibe.Deep trembling sub bass,subtle drums and percussions and haunting vocal.

Aardonyx is another fresh duo on the label with their track ‘Hologram’.This is another deep liquid track with some amazing rhodes-esque leads,hitting bass,lovely usage of musical elements and clean drums.

The last one is from resident Critical Event with his track ‘Holding On To U’ with some soulful keys & vocals,deep purring bassline,rolling drums with some simple percussions and mesmerizing string work.


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